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Checklist For Your Checkride

The ticket of hopeful pilots to becoming full- pledged is the private pilot certificate. However, before you get that, you have to go through a series of tests and hardships to further shape you into becoming a good, if not the best, pilot out there. The only way you can finally have this passport is through successfully passing the private pilot check ride.

Fly With A New Perspective

More than a year ago, Brad opened a blog that would feature different topics about flying. He is a man of many things. He is the head of an air taxi company. He is very active in the world of communications as he was a news anchor and correspondent for some programs in the television. Brad is also an attorney.

Flying Is Tough Work

A couple of months ago, Brent Redpath account his journey towards getting his private pilot certificate through a blog that he posted. Despite all the tests that he had to go through, they were no match to the success he felt when he finally got his Private Pilot Certificate. He told how he went through rigorous studying, practicing, and training. His CFI, Certified Pilot Instructor, was with him in every step of the way. He practiced the PTS, Practical Test Standard, for three hours.