Frequent Flyer Master Review

By | September 19, 2010

Chris Guillebeau’s Frequent Flyer Master is about earning frequent flyer miles and getting the most out of it. Frequent Flyer Master is split into three main sections: Strategy, tactics to earning frequent flyer miles, tactics to redeeming frequent flyer miles.

Frequent Flyer Master’s first section, Strategy, begins with a brief history of frequent flyer mileage programmes, its advantages and disadvantages. Chris Guillebeau explains how to set goals for travel, how to earn and redeem yourmiles, focusing on frequent flyer miles earned via ground-based sales and promotions. Chris Gillebeau also talks of buying miles on the grey market.

Section two is on tactics of earning frequent flyer miles. This section is very specific, with the list of rewards programmes available and the fastest way to gain frequent flyer miles. However, the rewards programmes mentioned are all US-based and some tactics on earning frequent flyer miles rely heavily on credit cards and stores that are unavailable outside the States.

Frequent Flyer Master’s third section is dedicated to cashing in your frequent flyer miles for flights! Chris Guillebeau walks through the best way to go about it, commenting on extra frequent flyer miles you can pick up and the best way to get through to customer service. There’s a “trouble-shooting” section and interesting rewards for frequent flyer miles are noted.

There are still 12 additional pages for more tips on making most out of the frequent flyer miles including miscellaneous tips, Q&A, and a list of additional resources to help you earn frequent flyer miles.

The site outlines the frequent flyer miles that Chris himself is earning each year giving you an idea on how much to expect, depending on how much time you invest in earning frequent flyer miles. Within 90 days, you should have earned enough frequent flyer miles for a US domestic flight or he’ll refund the complete price you paid.

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